Multi Level IB
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Forex Multi LevelIB
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Increase the growth and potential of your brokerage activity by using a multi-level IB referral system ( IB inside IB ).The well-known fact is that using IB is the fastest and most reliable way for business development. By offering a multi-level IB structure, your brokerage activity will develop even faster.

Imagine, in addition to the existing IB, your IB will be able to sign another IB, and those IB in turn can sign other IBs and new traders. We call this system a multilevel structure IB. The commission is calculated automatically, following your settings, which are set in the Administrator interface.

Advantages include:

  • Attracting significantly more IB agents
  • Offer rebate or spread commission
  • Reduction of the trader’s expenses

This extension of the Personal Cabinet can work as well as with MT4 & MT5 plug-ins for calculating and commission deposits and using the means of the internal system.

Most Diverse IB on the Planet

The Techysquad CRM is all about brokers, and IB is by far the most significant and crucial feature in the Forex CRM. Any Forex broker strives by IB to increase their business. Techysquad CRM is one such solution provider that believes in bringing out the best for a broker’s business. With an extremely competitive and robust approach, Techysquad CRM has definitely come a long way in developing one of the most diverse IB solutions.

Types of Various IB Programs

Single Level partnership program

Single level partnership program revolves around having only 1 sub IB under parent IB.

Multi-Level partnership program

In Multi-Level IB, there can be multiple IB’s under a single IB. Techysquad CRM is structured to support unlimited IB levels.

Auto Rebates (Self Rebate)

Having once adjusted the Rebate-system, you will save your time on manual calculations of rebates for each particular trader and make use of one of the most effective marketing tools to attract new customers.

Features of Our IB Program

Our IB module comes with ease of use and privileges to both traders and brokers.

  • One of its traits is reports. The traders & broker can work through various reports related to IB and also create them.
  • Your clients will be able to detect/notice their IB Summary, Trade History, and IB Commission information like from which trade how much commission Parent IB got in a very descriptive manner.
  • As no broker can memorize the entire IB structure created by client. So with an aim to ease down the process for broker, there’s an additional element which Techysquad CRM supports – IB tree. It represents IB structure in a tree kind of hierarchy.
Various Commission Types

The fact that commissions still serve to be the largest part in keeping the trader-broker cycle intact, Techysquad CRM has supported itself with various types of commissions. It supports

  • Fixed
  • PIP (Percentage in Point)
  • Deposit (Percentage)

The speciality of Techysquad CRM is its flexibility of moulding itself as per the client’s requirement. Highlighting this, the commission revision feature is another feature that has proved its importance from time to time.

Our scheme arrangement is done in such a way that a parishioner can also use this system without any tumult. Your clients can initiate a request to withdraw their commission funds either to their virtual wallet from which they can anytime transfer it to their MT4/MT5 Account or the funds can be withdrawn to their bank accounts directly.

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